Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Keep It Simple, Real Simple

I've got a really bad habit- every time I get a new PDA or hard reset any of my devices I immediately install a handful of applications to alter certain elements on the device. PhoneAlarm, AEButtonPlus, Tweaks2K, Memmaid, SpbDiary are just a few of the staples on my devices for the past few years. But I've noticed that I run into a number of issues with every WM device I've had. Coincidence? Well, I'm about to find out. I did a hard reset of my Ubiquio and have only installed WM5NewMenu, QuickMenu and MobiPocket reader. I'm going to try to use just these applications for the rest of the week and see how my Ubi runs. So far I've noticed it seems much snappier and responsive!

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