Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How's My UBi?


Well, its been a few days since I've given an update on my Ubi and frankly that's because there isn't a whole lot to moan about. Its been quite rock solid.  The 'underground' ROM that I got my hands on seems to have been the night and day difference...if Ubiquio had released the device as it is now with this ROM, it would have been a huge hit. Alas, they did not.
As you can see, I've gradually added most of my staples, but by adding them slowly I've been able to pinpoint where some of my problems where coming from. I don't use WeatherPanel anymore, or for that matter any Today plugins that are heavy or call from the SD card.  I've also restricted Egress from auto-updates, because when it enounters a network or site problem it locks up the whole device. This is probably one of the biggest sources of lockups on my device because when you reset the device, Egress starts up again in the background and re-freezes it. This goes on until Egress finally reports an error and releases its processes.
The additional memory that I gained from the new ROM also means that I can keep more programs running for easy access by default. I use Opera Mini now, and keep it open in the background to be able to quickly summon it. I also keep OctroTalk (my no-fuss IM client of choice now) and TinyTwitter open most of the time. 
I did a few tweaks, including changing the system font, and using AE ButtonPlus to be able to maximize the buttons on it. The font gave it a fresh feel, and I like it so far. I'm happy with it, and at this point I can't see myself switching to any other device...including the Velocity Mobile! My only irritation is the 2 key presses required to get a period. In fact, one of my projects today is to find if there is an app for Windows Mobile that allows for a long press of the key to get to its secondary function. 
No lockups, no resets, and I've run down the battery to 5% twice to recalibrate the battery. It seems to have worked- with a constant connection to the internet (via OctroTalk), and email retrieval every half hour, I am getting about 9 hours with pretty heavy use now. I can live with that. 
And just in case the hardware is thinking of any funny business, I went ahead and purchased insurance. If this UBi packs it in, there is no way I am getting a third one. 

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