Saturday, May 3, 2008

Gimme my Ubi!


Well, the saga of my Ubiquio continues to grow. I bought it in November, and the seller nicely handled the whole business of sending it back to Expansys for repair and they in turn sent it to Ubiquio. However, in the meantime, the seller is going to India for a month, so there's no apparent way I'll be getting it back before June. 
I couldn't take it anymore. I found a new one on Ebay and jumped in again- I know, I know, I must be a sucker but seriously, I can't even deal with the Treo 750 anymore. To add to my suspense, I managed to get my hands on a super-secret ROM for the Ubiquio 503G which supposedly will resolve a lot of the issues that I was previously having with it. 
What is irking me so much about the Treo?
- The 240x240 screen is just such a hindrance. I never noticed how many applications do not adjust to that resolution.
-The right softkey on the Today screen cannot be re-mapped. I had grown in love with the ease of NewMenu and now I can't use it anymore.
-The left softkey is hard to re-map. I use a program I got from PPCGeeks, but it doesnt seem to stick after a reset. Nuisance
-Battery life suuuuuuucks! I woke up at  5:30 this morning, read a Mobipocket book for about 15 minutes while feeding the baby and then went back to sleep without plugging it in the charger. By 9am the battery was down to 27%. 
-The D-pad is really sharp. I had to stick a soft piece of fabric to stop it from digging into my finger.
-The keys are really hard. I can't seem to find a comfortable way to type for extended periods.
-I miss having a scroll wheel. 
-I cannot stand the separate SMS app from the Email app. Even the threaded SMS is not worth that hassle.
-I miss WiFi. My Slingplayer's remote play function is not working so Wifi is the only way I can use it. With the new SlingPlayer 1.6 I want to try it out, but can't
-I dunno if its the video chip or what, but its video playback is just disappointing after my Ubi's.
-Only one programmable button. Even using AEButton Plus I can only work with the confines of the one side button pressed multiple times. Not good. 
-Maybe my hand has just morphed into the shape of the Ubi but I cannot find a comfortable way to hold the Treo. 

And this extended absence from the UBi, I've realized that I'm not that willing to jump into the Velocity Mobile pool as a guinea pig. I am perfectly content to wait possibly till next year before making that switch. For now, I'm eagerly awaiting my new Ubi so that I can put this Treo and all its baggage on Ebay. I'll also just go ahead and sell the other Ubi when that eventually makes its way back to me. 

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