Friday, May 23, 2008

ceTwit- A Windows Mobile Twitter Heavy Hitter

I've given ceTwit a couple of runs in the past, but its never 'stuck' as my main Twitter client for my Ubiquio. However, the latest version (1.4) has totally changed all that. I'm officially in love.


First of all, ceTwit has a feature that allows you to size the window for each Tweet to whatever you desire.  So, you can chose to hide avatars and only show one line per tweet, or expand and show only one tweet per screen if you so desire. My personal preference lies somewhere between the 2 extremes, and have it configured to show 4 tweets with avatars which is very comfortable for my landscape device.
(Hiding avatars is also a good way to save on data costs, if you do not have an unlimited plan)

ceTwit allows you to view your friends' timeline, but also the public timeline, replies, direct messages and direct messages sent. This makes it a very robust client, pretty much matching what you see on the website.  Switching to each of the views takes a couple of seconds which can be annoying. The developer has noted that there are some steps he can take to cut down the load time for each view. 


Not only can you update your Twitter status, but you can also upload photos to TwitPic directly- pretty cool! The TwitPic function is quite sharp, and my only quibble with it at the moment is that you have to tap the screen to highlight the storage card to begin the navigation to where the photo is located. Again, this is something that can easily be fixed. 

Notice you get a neat preview of what you are about to upload. Its a nice touch, since you dont see thumbnails as you select the photo.


Access this menu by a tap and hold, or by using the right dpad button on your device.
Other notable features that ceTwit has incorporated are the ability to open a link, or open the link with Skweezer (a mobile friendly version), the ability to follow someone, and, the most underrated of all: Quotably support! This means that you can highlight a tweet and then view the entire chain of that conversation in a threaded view. 
I cannot get the auto update feature to work consistently, but I think that the only way to make that happen is by using the 'prevent sleep' function, which will kill my battery faster. But ceTwit shows the time of its last update in the titlebar which I totally love! 
Its free, its elegant and its got everything you can get on the website, and then some. There are a few minor tweaks that ceTwit needs to make and the developer is well aware and working hard to improve those items. So, give ceTwit a run and see for yourself. And be sure to add @vkoser so you can keep track of the updates and give him your feedback.

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