Friday, May 2, 2008

ceTwit- The New WM Twitter Leader!

A few months ago I tried ceTwit and found it frankly to be buggy and not quite ready for primetime. Today I decided to try the latest version and I have been completely blown away by it. Even on the square screen of the Treo 750 the program works like a champ.

As you can see, ceTwit gives you access not only to your friends' timeline but also to the public timeline, replies and direct messages.

Using a tap and hold will allow you to reply to a tweet, open a link with skweezer (for a mobile- formatted page) or view in Quotably (a Twitter-related service) to view the trail of the conversation).

Each tweet is fitted into a fixed amount of space so you can click on the entry to view it in a full window.

ceTwit is the perfect example of a program taking its time to get it right. Every detail seems logically thought out and its a joy to use. This one's just landed a permanent spot on my device!

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