Friday, April 4, 2008

YouTube App Built Into Coreplayer!

Take that, iPhone users! Now Windows Mobile, Symbian and Palm users can get full YouTube support built in to the latest version of CorePlayer! The downside is that you'll have to purchase the third-party application, CorePlayer includes enough great features to make it worth the money. 

I've been playing with it today and was not happy with the initial video quality until I realized that it has an option to adjust the video quality based on your connection speed-neat trick! 


I went ahead and chose the highest quality since I'm on a 3G device and network. The video playback is exceptional. And you also have the option of viewing the site's most viewed, most discussed, etc videos. When you perform a search you get a nice thumbnail of the video content, the creator, duration and rating. 


One app that can be your default media and music player as well as a YouTube player built in? Not too shabby!

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