Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What on Earth Happened to BluePulse? *Sob*


Back in 2006 I was ecstatic at having found BluePulse, which I wrote about in "BluePulse-Tastes Like Saki but Goes Down Smoother". BluePulse seemed like the answer to the void when I left SakiMobile; a nice small community, cool functions. It worked based  on java, which opened it up to bunch of different phones, and in turn to users from different countries. 

But sometime in the past few months, BluePulse opened up to the general public via web.  It seems that in conjuction with the additional press that BluePulse received it was inevitable that it, too, would become the cesspool of junk and spam of its predecessors. I recently signed in and found that my mailbox was clogged with seemingly thousands of spam comments, endless friend requests, and just plain weirdness.
I don't know why this happens. I just wish that there could finally be a powerhouse for the Mobile set. Kind of like a FaceBook for the Mobile crowd. And I wish that there could be a way to prevent good social sites from becoming overriden with porn and spam.

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