Sunday, April 27, 2008

A new use for Podcasts

A year and a half ago or so my daily commute consisted of a 90 minute car-to-NJ Transit-to subway trip each way and it was quite tedious. It was during these commutes that my love affair with tech intensified as I spent hours glued to my PDA. In those days, I watched 2 video podcasts- Geekbrief and Best Night Ever-usually on my way home.

Fast forward to last year. Once I got a Tivo Series 2 in my bedroom I realized that I could watch certain video podcasts on TV. Geekbrief and CNET became my staples again. Then, earlier this year when I got my Archos 605 I discovered ArchosLink which is a software that allows me to download podcasts and then watch them on my device or on the TV. And that had been my setup until I got tired of listening to music while sitting in traffic while taking Seth to and from daycare. I couldn't find anything interesting on talk radio and suddenly remembered about audio podcasts which I could put onto my Zune. Suddenly I had a whole new world of podcasting open up for me- I listen to podcasts about Tech, Lost, Parenting...all while I run my errands in the car. In fact, its been such a success that I moved my speakers in the kitchen and listen to podcasts while I do dishes and make up bottles of formula.
Once I stopped having a daily commute via public transit I thought I wouldn't have any use for podcasts anymore- its interesting that I use them more now.

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