Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mobile GBlogger and Feedburner Incompatible

All day today I've been fighting to figure out why Mobile GBlogger which I paid for, suddenly stopped working on my UBi. There are so few Windows Mobile blogging clients that work on Blogger that I couldn't just shrug it off. Well, I finally figured out the problem- I created a Feedburner account today and had selected in the option for my feeds to be redirected to the Feedburner-created feed. For some reason, Mobile GBlogger cannot find, post or draft entries when this is selected.
I had hoped to use Feedburners analyst tools, but I guess the information will be slightly skewered because some readers will choose to use the alternate feed. However, thats a price I'm willing to pay to enjoy the luxury of a full post composer, and editor on my Pocket PC Phone.


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