Friday, April 4, 2008

Mobigasmic has been Awesomesauce Approved!

One of the best things that has happened to Mobigasmic in the past few months has been me joining Twitter. Its put me in contact with a lot off great people who share a lot of cool ideas and concepts. And the brief nature of Twitter means that even if I can't pop in for hours, it only takes a short while to catch up on what I missed.
The other benefit of has been that it exposed me to many likeminded-bloggers and included me in a neat network that I otherwise might not have found. Mobigasmic's move to Blogger has also boosted exposure and seems to be getting onto the radar of people who could really benefit from it.
In the course of my Twitter progression, I've come across one particularly fun young woman called Corvida, of SheGeeks. Corvida's main area of enthusiasm is in Social Networking, and I learn as much from her about it as I could from Wikipedia. She's also the first person who I've ever heard use the word Awesomesauce. So its a particular honor for my tiny piece of the web to receive the honor of being Awesomesauce Approved:


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