Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I HATE the Treo Keyboard

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It seems like a million years ago when I had a Treo 650 and all was absolutely fabulous in my tech world. With all the great memories of my Treo 650, I was somewhat excited to get my hands on a Treo 750-even if it was just as a placeholder. But I am suprised at how unpleasant a typing experience I am having with it! My hands feel so cramped using it, and I can't seem to find the perfect way to hold it in such a way that I can easily type one handed without feeling like its about to topple out of my hand. I miss my UBiQUiO!
Luckily, I was able to track down my eBay seller and he is going to attempt to get my UBiQUiO fixed by Expansys. If he doesn't have any luck, I got a comment on an entry from an Expansys staff member a few entries ago who may be able to help.
Apart from the keyboard, there are some other Treo-specific quirks that are bugging me. While I like the threaded text messages, I don't like that it is a separate app and opening messages no longer shows texts as one of the accounts. And the Today softkeys are uselessly programmed in such a way that even using Tweaks2K cannot reprogram them.
And every once in a while when I type, the Treo seems to take a second to 'catch up'. In fact the only thing that I have really been enjoying as a major improvement over my Ubiquio is that the LED flashes when I receive an email.
So, the moral of this story is that I want my UBi back. In fact, I don't even want the Velocity Mobile 111 when it first comes out. I want to enjoy the experience of having a device that works which I enjoy and am used to!

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