Thursday, March 20, 2008

Farewell to Facebook


To understand why I left Facebook, you have to know why I joined i the first place. Those of you who know me, are aware that I had spent the last 20 odd years trying to find my brother- and my Facebook profile was a last ditch effort to make it easy for him to find me and vice versa. Well, it worked and we did find each other thanks to the site. However, as an unexpected side effect, a LOT of people also got in contact with me- mostly people who I went to high school with back in Africa, even an Australian penpal I had in elementary school. At first, it was exciting to pore through everyone's photos, seeing their kids, families and what they had generally been up to in the last 15 years.

Once I had caught up, however, I became more aware of how many emails, requests and notifications I was getting every day. It felt like every moment I was getting something forwarded to my Superwall, superpoked, sent hotness, or being added as a friend by people I didn't know-and frankly, didn't want to know. There were fewer and fewer people with actual things to say.

It just became too much. My days are already so filled between IM'ing and Skype chatting with friends, Twitter-ing, not to mention my real life stuff going on that I barely have time to dedicate to people who want to have a conversation. So yesterday I deleted my photo albums and deactivated my Facebook account. I may go back in the future, who knows, but for now I'm enjoying the sweet silence of a sheep-free day.

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