Monday, March 10, 2008

A Suprise Gadget!

On Saturday night I spent almost an hour fighting with my Slingbox. Since we moved to Texas and onto AT&T, I've been unable to get the remote viewing feature working on. But I don't even know why I'm fighting about it- the Slingplayer barely works on my Ubiquio anyway. So, I was looking online to see what other things were out there and was intrigued by the Archos TV+. Then I remember a comment that had been left by Mickliq which brought up the Archos 605. I hadn't paid too much attention to it at the time, but on closer inspection, I noticed a feature that was interesting to me. With the optional DVR Station, you can also stream video to the television and record movies from the satellite box. It would also let me surf the internet on my living room TV's screen.
Okay, I can already hear the collective, virtual sighs of irritation as I flit from one device to another, but here's the thing: I need to clearly define what I expect each gadget to do for me. My life as it stands now has me spending a huge chunk of time in my den with Seth and all his playthings. I've got a pretty neat setup with comfy theatre-type recliners, my laptop on one side and my phone on the other. Since I got my N800 I haven't really had a niche for it- its main home has been in the guest room and I use it to read my rss feeds in the middle of the night while I nurse Seth.
But what I'd love to be able to do is to watch the hundreds of shows and movies that are on my PC on my large TV screen downstairs.And it looked like the Archos with the DVR station could make that happen. I was so excited by the idea and when I told Dean about it, a weird thing happened- he got pretty psyched as well. In fact, he got so psyched that on Sunday morning he told me he was going to take us to the store and get it for me as a gift! Dean knows I'm not a flowers, candy and diamonds girl- the way to get me all aflutter is with tech. We dashed to the store and after accidentally picking up the wrong DVR station and having to exchange it we were good to go.
First of all, here's the Archos being displayed on the TV:


Its a thing of beauty, and also means that I have my entire movie collection at my disposal. I can watch YouTube, DailyMotion and other online videos on TV. And while I'm sitting in the den, I can dock my Archos and have it being useful to me, unlike my Nokia N800 which hasn't been able to be more than an 'alarm clock 2.0'.
So, next step is a pretty in-depth comparison of the two. Stay tuned- and if you want a sneak peek you can peek into my Twitter box to the right, or directly on Twitter.

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