Tuesday, March 25, 2008

PDA Nirvana

As annoyed as I am by Ubiquio/MWG's total abandonment and nonexistent customer service the truth of the matter is that I love my Ubiquio 503G. In fact, my husband recently commented that he hasn't seen me this content with a device since I had my Treo 650. And believe me, that's saying a whole lot.I think back to my Treo 650 days and wonder why they seem so idyllic, and if its ever possible to go back to that frame of mind. The answer, unfortunately, is that ignorance is bliss. I didn't really know any other operating system beside Palm, so everything I read about devices seemed foreign and far-removed from me. I also realize that the canndybar QWERTY form factor is a necessity for me. From November of 2006 to November of 2007 I used a Samsung Blackjack almost exclusively. In fact, if it hadn't been for the limitations of Windows Mobile Standard I probably would have been happy with it for longer. Its been about 4 months with my Ubiquio 503G now and I must admit- I'm pretty content. I seem to have found the perfect balance of software which works well on it. I've grown accustomed to the quirks, especially the double-press needed to get a period. I've looked at other devices (most recently, the HP 910c) and with the exception of the promise of company support, I can't really see what other pressing features it would bring me. In other words, I just may have found that elusive PDA peace I've been looking for.

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