Sunday, March 30, 2008

Palringo-How did I miss this?

Ever since I left Fring, I've been searching for that elusive perfect IM client for my phone. I don't want anything too flashy, just an always-on, multi-platform client that would also allow me to chat with my readers via a widget.
Enter Palringo, which does all of that and then some!

Palringo is a nice, neat little powerhouse which runs using less than 200kb of Program memory- and that's saying a lot! Its got a minimal shell-tab plugin which flashes a yellow envelope if you have a new message

Notice the envelope notificattion also shows at the top of the screen, which is handy if you happen to be in another application!

It also lets you sign on with multiple names to each IM protocol. For me, this alone is a killer feature which very few IM clients offer. It means I can stay available on my blog widget, but still be able to chat with my personal and professional contacts! and there's the group functionality which lets you join groups within Palringo. so far I've joined Modaco, but I haven't had a chance to join a group chat yet.

And if all that still hasn't convinced you, Palringo even has a desktop version which mirrors the WinMo version and allows you to setup from your PC- invaluable if you don't have a device with a QWERTY keyboard!


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