Wednesday, March 5, 2008

NetVibes-the best homepage...EVER!

Lately, I've been trying to find a homepage solution that could work for me on multiple platforms. Ideally, I wanted one to work on my desktop, the laptop and internet tablet- and hopefully I could use it to share data across all my devices in some kind of fashion. I settled one issue using Mail2Web as a way to share my calendar without having to install Outlook on my laptop, or any other application on my NIT. But I still wasn't happy using generic MSN homescreen. What's a girl to do?
After I had all but given up, I noticed from a Twitter buddy mentioning something about Netvibes. After checking it out, I found out it was just what I needed- but so much more!

Netvibes is a customizable page that acts as a kind of all-encompassing dashboard. You can put information from most of your social networking sites, Update your Twitter status, check your email headers, read your RSS feeds and much more. But here's the killer feature- build your page and not only can you use it on various devices, but there is also a mobile version that I can access easily from my Ubi! So, if you're like me and have accumulated an arsenal of devices, Netvibes can help bring them all together.

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