Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Next Phone?

While I've been happy with my Ubiquio for the most part, I've been disgusted with the lack of support from TechFaithWireless/MWG. To date I am still waiting on a Rom upgrade to fix the following issues:

-Occasional freezing of the D-Pad
-Jumpy scroll wheel
-ROM and RAM increase
-Name search as default, not numbers
-LED for emails.

The support team has been MIA for over 4 months now, and it seems they've totally abandoned the device. So, it seems that the Rom version 3.06 may never see the light of day. I don't know if I can stay faithful to a device that has reached the end of its potential.

The HP iPaq 910C seems like it may be a worthy successor. In addition to everything that the UBiQUiO has as well as GPS. Hey, maybe I'll take up Geocaching!


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