Tuesday, May 1, 2007

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May 30

Crossing the Mississippi River

We are now in Missouri and officially in the West Coast of the USA (or so Dean tells me). We just crossed the Mississippi and I was just able to snatch a shot of it! Only 629 miles to go- although only 29 of them will be made this evening!

Get Your Kicks on Route 66

Actually, in our case its more like Route 64. We're breezing through Louisville, Kentucky at the moment and I'm blown away by the bustling city-ness of it all. (OMG, theres 3G here!) This trip, if nothing else, is giving me a good sense of how the rest of the country looks and lives.


The (Pennslyvanian) Hills Are Alive...

Yesterday started at about 7am when the moving company showed up to load all of our belongings into their humonguous truck. They finally finished about 3pm and shortly after we hit the road. We drove for a number of hours and spent the night at a hotel in the Breezewood area of Pennsylvania.
This morning we got a nice early start and are on the scenic highway 220. Wave if ya see us!

May 25

Zune-y Tunes

So I finally broke down and admitted to myself that i needed a music player that could hold all of my songs in order to stop listening to the same 5 songs. I already knew an iPod was out of the question since i have no intention of replicating all of my hard work in Windows Media Player into iTunes. But I remembered that Quikboy Mike had gotten a Zune for Christmas and seemed pretty happy with it so I decided to jump aboard the bandwagon. I managed to snag one at Staples for the sale price of $199 and invested in a leopard skin (along with a matching one for my laptop). At 30GB it holds all of my music, 2 full length movies and a good number of Family Guy episodes and I've still got about 20gb free! One of the nicest features I love is the Zune desktop software which seamlessly copies everything from my Windows Media Player including playlists and ratings.
I picked up some cute $20 speakers from Target and I now have a pretty sweet mini home entertainment system!

May 24

Whats Up, docs?

Suprise, suprise, our Verizon service has not been reconnected. Seriously, i suspect that just to realy tick me off they will flip it on on Tuesday just as we are leaving. Well, at least I've got my Blackjack...although this is one of the times I wish we were already in a 3G area well, only 5 days left to go!

17 weeks down, about 23 to go! I'm starting to really bond with baby now and I actually enjoy being preggers now. I could do without the random folks rubbing my belly though. And I am pretty sure one or two of them have drifted north of the border, if ya know what i mean.

I've hit a wall with the packing these days. I just dont have the energy or willpower anymore. We'll get it finished soon enough.

I was just blown away by the finale of Lost. A flashback into the future? Brilliant! Im pissed that i cant surf the web now as i really would love to get onto the forum to rehash the episode. I'd also love to catch the fight with Rosie and Elisabeth on the view. Mmmmm, good times.

For the next few days I'll be posting from my Blackjack so bear with me if there are typos,etc. And for now, enjoy a view of some Texas ducks- everything in texas really IS bigger!

May 17

Verizon Sucks!

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Yeah, I said it. They really effing suck! Here's the saga of the royal mess they have made of our connectivity:

On Monday I called to tell them we would be moving on the 29th and would like our service cancelled on the 30th, The MORON  that I spoke to went ahead and cancelled the service effective immediately. As soon as I got the confirmation email and saw the effective date I called back and tried to get the situation rectified. But, here's the delightful thing...even though it was their error to disconnect the service, they claim they have no way to quickly restore the service. So we have had no internet in the house for the past 3 days, and now they tell us that the service "should be" back on by May 22nd.
I hate Verizon, and I would never use them again because they are completely useless, have sucky customer service and have outsourced to the absolute dregs of call centers where you are forced to repeat yourself over and over before they tell you that there is no way they can help you.
*Rant off*
May 07


I'm thinking of moving from Photobucket to Flickr....don't really know why, other than just feel like a bit of a change. I'm going to check out their features and see if its a worthwhile move.
Pregnancy Update: 15 weeks! No more nauseau...not so fatigued anymore. Looks like my belly has popped a bit because people are now comfortable enough to outright say something instead of those sidelong "is that just her gut" looks.
New Home Update: Closing should (MUST!) happen on the 21st....3 weeks to go before we're out of here! I am so jittery with excitement I can't wait! Still some packing left to do-its tricky because it seems that every time I pack something it seems we need it the next day! Maybe my new focus will be on packing the things we are going to take with us in the car.