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April 28

Samsung Display at DFW Airport

Samsung certainly has a strong hold over the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport! As we walked through the check in point we were greeted by this stunning piece of functional art which looks like ice and features a display of different mobile devices they carry. They also have a mobile travel center where it seems they have TMobile hotspots and all that.
Meanwhile, as if I am not excited enough at our move next month, I must tell you that every inch of Fort Worth that we covered was completely 3G speeds! If you know me at all, you know that that fact alone made me almost as giddy as finding our dream home!

April 27

How To Buy a Home in 3 days flat!

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Sometimes I wonder if its actually possible to be as fortunate as we are sometimes. What seemed like a crazy plan last week is exactly what went down this week! We arrived in Fort Worth on Wednesday morning at met with our wonderful real estate agent to see the houses we had been interested in online, and took a whirlwind tour of about 8 houses. The third house we saw was THE HOME! Its a 4 bedroom with 2 and a half bathrooms, formal living and dining rooms and an amazing open kitchen, breakfast room and den. And, as if thats not perfect enough its nestled in a cul-de-sac of the most friendly neighborhood we have ever encountered! (Seriously, people were just randomly waving as we drove by! Ever even heard of that on the East Coast???)
We made an offer that same evening that was accepted, with a promise to vacate by May 30....which is great so we can be in by May 31st after our 2 day road trip! And today, Friday, we had the inspection done and apart from a new roof which they have already agreed to, everything else is A-Okay! Apparently there have been a number of hailstorms lately and this roof has really taken a huge number of dings.
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Entryway with a view  of the formal sitting room.

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Kitchen and breakfast room overlooking the backyard.
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Den next to the breakfast room
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Master bedroom

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Master bathroom....can you even believe this place????
April 21

Home Purchase Hurrah!

Okay, so here's the (CRAZY) deal! Next week we are headed to Dallas and we will be buying our dream home (we've narrowed down the search on the web). I'm excited and atwitter all at once! Based on our pre-approved mortgage amount it looks like we'll be getting a nice 5-bedroom, 2-3 bathroom home with a dining room, 2-3 living rooms and garden/backyard. I've decided to ignore the amount of cleaning maintaining the home will require-instead, I'll definitely re-enter the workforce next year so that I can pay for a housekeeper/maid (seriously, I'd rather toil in an office for 8 hours than clean for 2!) I am also uber-excited by the look of the Medical market down there so I'm interested in working once the baby arrives.
Dean's transfer came through and his start date in Texas is June 9th...that gives us one month to buy, close and move into our new stress at all!
Oh, and on Monday we have an appointment with the OB doctor and I think this is the visit where we'll get to hear the baby's heartbeat!!!!! I can't believe I'm already/only 12 weeks along!
April 17

Amazing YouTube Mobile Substitute

There's been a lot of hoopla lately regarding the availability of mobile video, YouTube-like content for your Smartphone or PocketPC. Basically, unless you have Verizon wireless, there isnt a whole lot to look forward to on the immediate horizon. So, as I always do, I scoured the web determined to find a solution....and boy, did I ever hit the mother load! Check out 'Avazing', this is a cool community based databank of mobile-optimized video clips and shorts. It kind of reminds me of what MSN Soapbox should be, but stops short because the videos just do not play smoothly on my Blackjack.
Avazing can be configured to download the movies to your phone only when connected to Activesync (great if you pay per KB of data) which means that it does store the data locally on your device-no streaming necessary. You determine the amount of clips you want to download and once it has downloaded you are presented with the list of all available clips on your phone:
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Selecting the video will play the highlighted clip:
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Once the clip started to play, I was a bit confused. The player looks exactly like the WM player with the Samsung skin built into the phone so I didn't understand why the heading said "Avazing video player". However, once I checked the menu, I noticed that the options are actually from the Avazing application:
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This is one of the those finds that I absolutely love: its simple, it fills an open niche in my device and, most importantly ITS FREE!!!!
April 12

Amp'd Mobile Commercial


Mobile NJ Transit Page

Just happened to notice that when I use my Blackjack to access the New Jersey transit website I am now greeted by this cute mobile version! I long for the day when every website has a mobile portal-can't be long now!

April 08

Multi-Platform Banking Solution

There are several different Banking software solutions out there, and if you own a mobile device then you know that trying to find a sync-able option is another battle altogether. Here's my dilemna....I own a desktop, a laptop and a Smartphone...but I'm not always on top of my syncs (i.e. sometimes I go a week between syncs). This means that it is very difficult for me to maintain my banking summary, and keep it updated,  on all 3 devices. A persusal of a forum led me to a post where the writer suggested an online based solution for banking records...hmmm. At first I was skeptical, especially about the security aspect of the site, but when I checked out I realized that there is really no need to have the details of my transactions secure!
On this site you create an account and then can enter all of your bank accounts, credit cards, etc by name only and then enter the transactions. None of the information that you enter is sensitive data (i.e. $10 spent at Starbucks!) and then the information is available to you anywhere you have an internet connection!
The site loads in a usable fashion on my Blackjack, but I noticed that there is a daily countdown ticker on the page which now indicates that a special mobile version should be available in 41 days!
April 04

Emotions and Hormones

Wow, I have been on one wild emotional rollercoaster the last few days, mainly the last 2 weeks. The oddest things make me cry, I get so mad at the slightest thing and I've been feeling really pukish the last 3 days. I feel like something alien has taken control of my mind and causes me to have so many odd emotions.
My favorite cousin came to spend her spring break with us last week (woohoo! I feel so cool to be a hot Spring Break location!) and we had such a ball while she was here. She is seven years younger than I am, and when we were really tiny she was my little shadow. Its so cool to see the person she has become now, but we still have some traits of the relationship we had when we were small- she believes everything I say so sometimes I have some fun at her expense! This is the only person in the world who could convince me to re-enact our favorite Real World and I Love New York moments with her! On Sunday she went back to school (she's a brainiac at Harvard!) and I felt so sad when she left.
On Monday morning I got up and forgot that she had left and rushed downstairs, eager to plan our day and then remembered that she was gone. I must have cried for an hour.
Dean has bowling league on Monday night but offered to cancel and keep me company instead. That just made me cry more because he was so sweet to want to do that. I told him I would be okay. When he got home he brought me a cute chocolate shaped like a lottery ticket that reads "You're a winner!" More tears. Then I realized I was too nauseous to eat it and cried some more. Wacko!
I cannot stand the smell of coffee anymore. And since Dean roasts, grinds and brews his own, this is very difficult for me to bear. I am mad when I can still smell coffee he roasted days ago. I am mad that he drinks coffee and smells of it sometimes. I irrationally don't understand why he can't make a 6 month coffee sacrifice on my behalf. I am mad that his appetite is undeterred, and he doesn't have morning (all-day) sickness.  I am furious that he still looks fabulous in jeans and I can't comfortably fasten mine. And his breasts don't appear to be sensitive at all.

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