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March 25

So Much to do, so little time!

Last year my life looked something like this:
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So when we decided that I would take some time off and not work, I envisioned leisurely days that would look something like this:

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Boy, was I ever wrong! It seems like I am actually more busy now than when I was working! First of all, I have buckled down and have been working on writing my book- something that has been on my to-do list for a few years now. Next, of course is the percolation of the afore mentioned baby- which is wonderful, but I am sooo exhausted all the time! Then, we have now decided to move to Dallas (yee-haw!!!) and buy a new home. Next month we will be going down for a visit with the goal of buying the house of our dreams! This makes me truly thrilled, because I have been working so hard the last 5 years to undo all the college damage I did to my credit and now I am quite pleased with myself. (Note to college students: suprisingly, stuffing unpaid bills under your bed does not make them simply dissapear!)
Of course the flip side to all of this is that I have had very little time for blogging on any kind of schedule. I almost miss my three hour daily commute as it gave me tons of time to write! But I fully intend to maintain Mobigasmic, so don't worry about that! I'm not going anywhere! (Except to Texas, y'all!)
March 16

Finally! TV Guide on my Blackjack!

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One thing which has been a minor nuisance for me since I settled solely on a Smartphone device is the lack of a TV Guide program for this platform. The mobile TV Guide website hasnt worked in over a year, and UGuide which was available briefy in Beta has been closed, probably to reopen as a premium program (sorry, but I simply will NOT pay for a java app!) To me, the Tv Guide function on my mobile device helps me remember what comes on tonight, and if its an episode I've seen or not without having to interrupt a DVD I might be watching or if I'm away from home.
This week I revived this search determined to find a solution to this issue. And it was actually very simple! Styletap is a cool app that allows Windows Mobile devices to run Palm apps, and recently it has been appended for the smartphone. By downloading Styletap, I can run Pocket TVBrowser which is one of my favorite TV Guide applications. Not only that, but I can run a plethora of Palm apps that I previously had to abandon and were never adapted to the WM Platform (Helloooo BeBop!!!)
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Styletap does two things which I really like. One is, it launches as the Palm Launcher to show you the Palm apps that you have installed on your device:
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And the other is that it creates a shortcut directly to the application within Styletap so that I can add a TV guide shortcut to my WM Right Menu program and it automatically launches the TV Guide program and opens Styletap on its own. The reason that is important is that it speeds up my access to the program I need by not having to launch Styletap, then select the app I want. As you can see, Palm even has the version of American Baby to Go which I couldn't find anywhere!

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