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December 20

Rocky Balboa

I'm not saying that I condone this kind of behaviour...but Sly kinda brought this one on himself!
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December 19

this is a test post from within Bluepulse

If you can read this then im blogging
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Natasha Lyonne Finally Turns Herself in for The Dog-Molesting Charge. No, You Read That Right. :: sent from lulugirl896's mobile


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 Natasha Lyonne Finally Turns Herself in for The Dog-Molesting Charge. No, You Read That Right.
12/19/2006 8:38:58 AM

Natasha Lyonne Finally Turns Herself in for The Dog-Molesting Charge. No, You Read That Right.mon, 18 dec 2006 17:29:00 -0500
Remember Natasha Lyonne? She was this sorta promising actress who was in Slums of Beverly Hills and American Pie? And then went mental and did a lot of chemicals and told her neighbor she was going to whack off his dog or something? Well, she turned herself in. This might be my favorite Hollywood wreck story ever. They should film it.
Actress Natasha Lyonne, a star of "American Pie" who was accused of threatening to sexually molest a dog, turned herself in at a New York court Friday.
A bench warrant was issued for her arrest in January after Lyonne, who has also appeared in "Blade," and "Scary Movie 2," missed four court hearings.
The 27-year-old faced a number of charges including criminal mischief, harassment and trespassing after accusations she threatened to sexually molest her former neighbor's dog and ripped a mirror off the wall during a 2004 argument.
In the court complaint, Lyonne's former roommate claimed Lyonne trashed their apartment and then banged on a neighbor's door, rushed into that apartment and picked up her dog, telling the woman, "I'm going to sexually molest your dog."

You don't get much deeper than when you're so wound up on tina or whatever this bitch was taking, that you tell your neighbor you're going to rape their dog. That's a little terrifying. Dog parks all over Manhattan had her likeness on posters.

Natasha Lyonne Turns Herself In [CNN]
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December 18

The 'Paper' Test

I'm on the train right now listening to what has to be the most assinine conversation in the world by the dumbest man in history.
He is trying, for some reason, to prove that the expression 'white people' does not exist correctly. His demo consists of yelling at every caucasian to tell him what color his piece of paper is (white) and then tell him if they are the same color as the paper. He calls this the 'Paper' test and says he invented it.
I know its horrible to be laughing so hard on the inside but everyone is studiously avoiding looking anywhere but straight ahead trying not to get drawn into his web of stupidity!
December 15

BluePulse....Tastes like Saki but goes down smoother

After i used the Java fix that i mentioned a few days ago I had an insatiable need tofind qualiy java applications. One of the best ones i have found is Blue Pulse....and i think i'm in love with it!
Blue Pulse reminds me of what Saki Mobile should have been except that it caters to a much broader spectrum than the 'Hot Saki Girls' (ugh, that still leaves a bad taste in my mouth!) and by being java based it runs on a much wider range of devices.
There are a few features that BP has which I find really chat rooms that are user created on the fly, RSS feeds, Multi-IM application (except AIM) and the live webcam viewer. The webcam viewer takes live images from webcams around the world. It also allows you to upload pictures and videos (from your phone and your desktop) to the site.
The only thing in my opinion that is missing from Bluepulse is the robust web client like Saki Mobile offers. However i do wonder if the use of such is wht eventully causes quality degradation. At least now with Blue Pulse your network of friends and buddies is one of people who are on a mobile device and have at least the know-how to add an application to their phone.


A lot has happened in my life recently, all of which has been cause to celebrate...and i am excited to share it with you all because so far it looks like 2007 is going to be one unbelievable year!
First of all, we have decided to start a family! So, keep me in your prayers that it happens soon cause you know how much i love instant gratification! The suspense is worse than waiting for an eBay delivery!
The next is that i will be leaving my current job at the end of this year and possibly be taking a post much closer to home. This is massive for me as my current commute time is a little over 3 hours daily!
And finally last night Dean sprung a suprise on me that he is taking me on a vacation to Gran Bahia next month to unwind! At that point i burst into tears because i really dont know how on earth i could be much happier than i am now.
So this is the best time of my life ever and i hope that this Christmas brings everyone exactly what they want under their tree! I love you all, and stay fabulous!

December 13

New Category- Ask Lulu!

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For a while I've had an idea to start a category of this site dedicated to answering the numerous and often very insightful emails I receive from readers...And here it is! As regularly as I can I will select an email and respond to it here so that everyone can benefit or comment on it. I won't include any personal info other than your first name, so here we go!
Do you get into text messaging? I'm looking for a inexpensive text and phone in one.
got any suggestions?

I'll admit, this is a tricky one for me... because it forces me to step out of my comfort zone (i.e. smartphones) and look at the most basic features. Depending on how much money you want to spend, and who your carrier is, I've come up with 2 solutions:
The first and least expensive is the Sidekick 1. With the release of the newest Sidekick3, the first one has really plunged in price. It has a full keyboard, which I think is a must if you intend to do regular text messaging, and also has a built in instant messaging program.

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I briefly browsed eBay and was able to find one for as low as $60!

The alternative to this is a bit pricier but also gives you some nifty features that you may eventually grow to love. The LG VX9800 is even called "the communicator" because it is built for that purpose. Sure it has other multi-media features, but you can pick and choose what you'd like to use it for. Its smaller and more compact than the Sidekick, and from what I've seen of my niece using hers more hardy.
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The bad news is that this is for Verizon only, and as a CDMA carrier, this phone can't be unlocked for service on other networks. However, if Verizon happens to be your carrier, then happy day for you! The LG is on eBay as well, with my lowest price found of $175.

Bone Idle...And No Apologies!

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If you read the title of this entry, then you already know that I make no apologies for my lack of posts the last few days. Its the Holidays, people!
So, of course, no sooner do I post an entry showing you how to hack Skype for your smartphone, than Skype release the official Skype for Smartphone! Well, this time I'm going to teach you another neat trick....take that, Samsung!
A lot of people who have made the transition from cell phone to Smartphone by way of the BlackJack may have noticed that the Java experience on it is less than good. In fact, its pretty downright poor. Now, for me this ordinarily wouldn't have been a problem, because I've never really been attached to any Java application. There were 2 things though that made me change my tune:Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
 The first is, as you can see from the right side panel, I've recently become aquainted with a great web-based IM solution called Meebo. Meebo lets you IM your MSN, Yahoo and AIM buddies using their website. The other neat feature it offers are the widgets. I've placed a widget into this page, and anytime anyone visits Mobigasmic, they can directly chat with me if I'm signed on to Meebo. In addition, I can see visitors on my buddy list with a unique number so I can initiate a "Hello" to you! The last frontier for Meebo is a mobile version of their program so that you can reach me from my Blackjack. And judging from BluePulse, I'm betting its going to be a Java-based program.
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The second is my hunt for a simple TVGuide program. Now that I've been accepted into the Blackjack SlingPlayer Beta program (shhhhhh!), I really wanted to be able to actually see what was on TV and then log on to watch it. I knew that, seeing as how I haven't totally lost my mind, I would not be spending $30 a year for the Handmark TVGuide application, however, since the Wireless TV Guide page has been down for a few months now I needed something to bridge the gap. I stumbled across UGuide a while ago from the Treocentral website, but hadnt paid much attention to it at the time as it was Java. Now I realized this was definitely the one I needed!
The problem with the built in Java on the Cingular Blackjack is that it incessantly prompts you to confirm that you are allowing it to connect wirelessly. It is a huge nuisance! Yesterday I finally decided that it was time to buckle down and find a solution once and for all. My search led me to this page, which is the simplest and most wonderful work-around in history ever. I believe that this is a HowardForums user hosting the page but whoever you are, we love you! To quote from his page:
Download this file: IBMJ9GMapsGmail.ZIP
Unzip the file.

Connect via ActiveSync to the Blackjack
copy to My Documents folder on Blackjack
copy JAD files from Google folder to My Documents folder on BlackJack
Copy tahoma and tahomabd from Windows/Fonts to Windows/Fonts on BlackJack
Disconnect ActiveSync
Use File Explorer on BlackJack and tap the J9 cab to install
After it installs, tap the JAD files to install GMail and GMaps

How simple is that!

December 07

Skookum- RSS for Smartphone!

I know that this is not a new application, but as someone who is coming late to the Smartphone game, I was suprised at how deep I had to search to find this great app:
 Skookum Mobile
I have been looking for a really good RSS reader for my Blackjack since I got it- so far I have been using the HubDog beta, but as I have expressed before, there are some fundamental things that need to be repaired on HubDog before its ready for primetime. The main issue that I have with it on my smartphone is that using it as an RSS reader is unfriendly because it does not utilize the entire screen to show you images. (However, I will now revert to using Hubdog as my vidcast viewer as I did on my HTC Universal).
Skookum is a neat and simple app which doesn't do a whole bunch of fancy things, but does download images for offline viewing (yay!):
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The app has a nice layout which is great to take you to exactly the content you want to see or listen to:
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It allows you to schedule updates (which I will try soon) and it is integrated with Audible subscription service, something I have never heard of!
You are presented with a basic list of how many read/unread articles are in each feed:
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What you will not be able to modify is how many articles download- and since they are not dated I am not even sure how it figures out how many to grab. You won't be able to sort or arrange your feeds (no major biggie) and you can't edit a feed once it has been imported or entered.
I'm going to give this a whirl for a few days and see how it works out for me. There's also a version for the PPC so if you're so inclined, head on over and download away!
December 06

Skype on the BlackJack...Easy as Pie!

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Let me start by saying that I haven't had a chance to test out calling on the Skype just yet (hopefully tonight I will get a chance) but, I have been successful in using the chat functionality on Skype. At first I thought I had to do all kinds of overclocking on my Blackjack, but then I stumbled across this useful gem which is supposed to be a tutorial to get Skype working on your Motorola Q but works just fine on the Samsung Blackjack as well! Here's a simple step by step:
1. Get the cab of the Pocket PC Skype.
2. Use Winrar or 7Zip to open the cab file.
3. Rename the file SKYPED~1.002 to SkypeDialer.dll
4. Rename the file 000Skype.001 to Skype.exe
5. Create a folder on your memory card called Skype and pull both those files into that folder.
6. Select and copy Skype.exe then navigate up to your /Windows/Start Menu folder and paste shortcut
Now on your Blackjack when you go to Start you can see the shortcut to launch Skype. My instructions are a bit different from Clay's...I couldn't find the Boing.wav file he mentions (which I think you don't really need) and the names of the files are slightly different. You also really dont need to connect to your pc to navigate, you just need to scroll down to the bottom of the terms of agreement page then use your left or right button to navigate to the 'ok' button. This is a bit tricky because you won't actually be able to "see" what you are highlighting but you can try again if you accidentally close the program by hitting "no". I had no problem using my Blackjack keyboard to input my signon criteria.

December 05

Windows Live Search

When i first heard that this application had been released i couldnt understnd what all the fanfare was about. As far as i was concerned, this was an area that had already been covered by Virtual Earth Mobile. Today curiousity finally got the better of me and i went ahead and downloaded it. Wow.
The concept behind the Windows Live search is to put the equivalent of a phone book in your device making it easy to navigate and manouver. It gives you maps, traffic, and can connect to GPS if you have it. Asides from the layout which i find intelligent and intuitive they also have a neat feature allowing you to find specific utilites nearby any of your search results. So, you could map the church were you are attending a wedding, then do a search for nearby hotels to check into after.

December 01

Blackjack Marketing Strategy

My lack of posts recently is in direct correlation with my love affair with my Blackjack- this relationship is getting serious and i am toying with the idea of exclusivity.
I have spent the last few days searching for the smartphone equivalent of some PocketPC and Palm apps I cant live without.
So far i have seen 2 different Blackjack commercials, one which essentially reduces it to just another music phone and another which is so well thought out that i had to replay it 4 or 5 times just to stare in awe at the marketing genius. Its an image of a card dealers hands shuffling Blackjacks and in between each flip and turn of the device as its being shuffled, it morphs into a generic camera, mp3 player, phone and movie player. The concept is so simple yet so unbelievably brilliant because the commercial makes you remember the name of the device (okay, so maybe some people might accidentally refer to it as the 'poker', but still) by seeing the dealer shuffling, and it gives you a quick idea of all its capable of. Well played Cingular and Samsung, after all since the Q commercials went into more depth about each of the functions (remember the 'Let There Be Q' commercials?) the Blackjack doesnt bother to duplicate that-after all, in this day and age people expect to be able to multitask on their phone what sets it apart is the unique features.

Cingular Blackjack Commercial
Click the image to view the entire commercial

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