Friday, September 1, 2006

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September 27

Not so Much with the Treo Lennon

After the initial euphoria wore off about the Treo Lennon (750) being release I decided to check out the 3G coverage map. Unfortunately I will be in 3g coverage for approximately 3 seconds every day. So, purchasing this for the 3g only is not really a worthwhile idea. However, I'm reserving the option to still fall in love with it and feel like having it anyway.
September 26

You had me at Lennon, Treo

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According to online rumors next month the Treo Lennon will be released by Cingular. And you know I will be first in that line... I found out that I am eligible for a phone upgrade- woohoo!!!! The only reason I am interested in this device exclusively is the high speed 3G. I can't wait!
September 25

What kind of World is this?

We live in a world where Flava Flav who, in this picture looks like a pencil-topper troll doll gets to romance this lovely lady then eliminate her from the competition! This is not right.

September 24

Playing with Fire

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A sleepless early morning foray into SecondLife led me to a very interesting character. Bozodaclone (or, as I like to call him, "One Man Party Machine" had every conceivable party trick and trinket up his sleeve. He approached me and told me he knew me from HubDog (OMG I'm famous...kinda!) and then let loose all of his amazing tricks. So now I can combust on command, and even have some cool glow sticks to dance with. Thanks Bozo!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
September 23

NEWSFLASH: Everyone's Gay!

You have to understand just how conservative my aunt is to understand why this is a landmark statement for her to have made to me today. Basically, about 2 years ago we had a rather heated conversation about gay marriage which ended in her making the comment that the next step would be for people to be allowed to marry their pets! I was furious as I often am when I hear this line of argument- I mean, what the hell kind of pets do you conservatives have that you think marrying them is an option?
But in light of Jim MccGreevey's recent tour, he managed to do the unthinkable; he made my aunt pause for thought. So today, she called me with her revelation. And here's the logic:
If a man masturbates, he is coming at the stimulation of a man's touch (albeit his own)... ergo, he is gay. Same rule applies for women. I'm not even going to argue this theory, its so ridiculously funny, that if you think about it long enough it actually makes sense!
Woo-hoo! Gay Pride!
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September 21

Today's Subway Peeve: Nuts should stick together

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 If you've ever taken a ride on a NYC Subway train then you know that it only takes 1 crazy person to clear a 4-seat radius surrounding that person. But today brought an interesting dilemna- a second crazy person was in the same subway car. Now, ordinarily, my preference would be for the 2 nuts to sit in he same general area (ideally right next to each other) but it seemed that the second person was not at the same lunacy level of the first fact the more we shifted away from the second guy, the more he shifted toward us, assuming that we were all moving away together from the first crazy guy.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Now, please don't take offense to my use of the word crazy, or nuts...its just that if you're an MTA regular you know that "mentally challenged" just does not encapsulate all that is going on there.

Excellent Article on Second Life at Popular Science

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Annalee Newitz has written a fantastic article which gives interesting insight on the possibilities of the future of Second Life.  The article, titled "Your Second Life is Ready" explains her initial visit to Second Life and outlines some of the possibilities for the future:
"For example, a retailer like L.L. Bean could have a “door” to an SL store on its Web site, inviting people to jump from 2-D browsing into a 3-D saunter around, where an avatar with your exact mea­surements could try on clothes for you. Or a consumer-electronics company could offer in-person technical support from an avatar who had a precise 3-D replica of, say, that new digital camera you couldn’t figure out, and could show you which button you needed to push. As the wall between the Web and Second Life grows thinner, having an SL account might become as common as having an e-mail address."
I love Newitz's article because it makes the concept of Second Life so easy to understand, even for the least technologically savvy.

Panda bites man, man bites him back

This one is from the Associated Press:

"A drunken Chinese migrant worker jumped into a panda enclosure at the Beijing Zoo, was bitten by the bear and retaliated by chomping down on the animal's back, state media said Wednesday."

I , for one, agree. These bears need to get a taste opf their own medicine. Now if someone could see their way clear to gnawing on a lion we could end animal-on-man violence once and for all!

New Seitz Camera

Unless you are capturing Bigfoot on film, there is simply no reason why anyone needs a camera this massive. Seriously.

September 20

New HubDog Version Due Possibly end of the week

According to one of the HubDog developers, there is a good chance that the new Beta may be released by the end of this week. This could possibly be the release that includes a version for the Smartphone as advertised on their front page as coming soon. If so, then there is definitely cause to celebrate! The combination of all the new HTC smartphones that have just been released and HubDog to boot is great news indeed!
September 19

o2 Stealth

This is one sweet looking device even for one who is a firm vga lover! It seems to have tons of memory and great conection specs. I don't love the numerical keyboard though.

September 18

Explanation for my aesthetic fixation

Every year around this time I suddenly become obsessed with skinning, cases, and the general appearance of my gadgets. I could not for the life of me figure out what caused this sudden antsy feeling that would come over me. I now have the mystery solved! It is in fact a very obvious symptom of an acute case of Nip/Tuck Fever!
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With new characters like Sanaa Lathan, JR, Mario Lopez, Kathleen Turner, Richard Hamilton, Rosie O'Donnell it's bound to continue to be an exciting season! After the whole Carver incident that dominated for 2 whole seasons its nice to be back in the 'normal' swing of things.
September 16

Time for a New Look

In continuing with my sudden and inexplicable desire to skin everything (seriously, I just redid my closets this afternoon!) I took the time to update my look in Second Life. I'm not sure how you are supposed to get a self portrait taken in SL, and the studios I popped into wanted an arm and a leg to give you a photoshopped professional picture. So I just did a print screen as I edited my appearance. I am so happy with the final results that I have decided to mature my avatar from my infamous Tweety pic to my SL avatar.
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September 15

OSX Remix- Hot New Skin

OSX Remix is a new skin I found over in the Lakeridge Forums created by the very talented "Corleno" who has a number of very lovely and high detailed skins! Apart from the high gloss appearance, I also like this skin because it cuts down on the amount of time I spent staring at my dwindling memory indicated by the red bar in the Expea2 skin I was using. (Still love Expea2 by the way!)
These guys that skin are great because they create the total package allowing you to skin i-Launcher, Wisbar Advance, Pocket Breeze, Resco Keyboard!
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September 14

Have Celebs gone Mad?

Remember a time when we looked up to celebrities, and the biggest news was what their next role would be in an upcoming movie? Now its as if every tim I turn around theres someone famous making headlines. And I'm not even talking about the B-list teenie boppers like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan- I'm talking about bonafide A-listers who we once pseudo-worshipped:
-James Brown- smacked up his lady!
-Arnold Schwarzenegger- for his racist comments. Although, lets just be glad he didn't use his last name as the punchline!
-Mel Gibson- drunk and doesn't like Jews. How was he able to keep that under wraps for so long?
-Tom Cruise- just plain crazy.
What I can't figure out is if the papparazzi are just more out of control or if the celebs are giving them more to talk about. What's your favorite crazy celeb story of the last year or so?
September 13

Tiger Skinning

Yes, as expected I've gone skinning crazy. What I had previously thought was just a pda skinning addiction is actually a full-blown cosmetic fixation. I recently found out about some great resources to help with making my WindowsXP look and feel a bit like Mac OSX. Here is what my dekstop loks like:

I accomplished this look by hiding all my desktop icons (right click on desktop, highlight "Arrange icons by" and uncheck 'Show Desktop Icons') then I changed by background to a tiger wallpaper (Bye Julian!) and installed ObjectDock. Here is a great article from Engadget that really helped.
I also installed WindowBlinds to give my interface a Maclike feel. Heres my internet explorer screen:

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The only thing missing that I'd love to get is the windows exchange interface that Mac uses, kind of the swapping motion it uses in a row. Anyone have any ideas? Or better yet, if you have a Mac can you tell me what its called? I saw a demo movie the other day but I can't remember where I saw it or what it was called.

Rise In Teen Sexual Activity Comes As Surprise To Area Teen

SALEM, OR—The Alan Guttmacher Institute released a report Friday that showed a dramatic increase in teen sexual activity, a finding that surprised policy-makers, public-health professionals, and 17-year-old Tom Ellis.

Rise In Teen Sexual Activity
Tom Ellis, who was surprised by statistics showing that other teens are having sex (below).
"So, more teens are having sex, are they?" Ellis asked Monday. "Well, I'm not sure where those guys got all their data, but it sure wasn't from me."
Ellis, a senior this fall at Sprague High School in Salem, learned of the trend while watching television at home Saturday, as he does most weekend nights. A 20/20 story titled "The Teen Sex Epidemic" informed him that 82.6 percent of his peers aged 15 to 19 have engaged in some form of sexual contact with another person.
"Really?" Ellis asked. "Eight out of 10 teens? There's an epidemic?"
While excited by the findings on teen sexuality, Ellis has yet to observe the increase in his own life.
Rise In Teen Sexual Activity Chart
Sexual Activity Among Teens

For the full hilarious story, check out The Onion.  Chin up; only 2 more days until the weekend!
September 11

Who's Grabbing Katie's Butt?

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I don't know why Tom is being so glib, clearly from this picture someone is really getting into Katie's behind!

My Toy Box

Here is a shot of my 'toys' :
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My Dell desktop PC, Compaq Presario V3030US Notebook, Cradle for our (read-Dean's) camera, XDA Exec, MP3 Player, T-Mobile SDA  and Playstation Portable (Network Printer and Dean's computer in the background).  This is truly the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.

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Here are some close up shots of the Presario... here's an interesting tidbit; for all the blue lights on this device, there is no bluetooth incorporated! Weird, huh! But between the built in 5-in-1 card reader and wireless network I have more than enough ways to share files.

HTC Universal Upgrade- HTC Omni?

I don't want to alarm anyone, but it seems that HTC MAY BE RELEASING A SUCCESSOR TO THE UNIVERSAL!!!!
This is obviously huge, I may need to lie down. I'm so excited! More news will be forthcoming as I hear it.