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April 26

A Year of Blogging... And a contest to boot!

Well I just noticed that I've maintained this blog for nearly a year now and that is certainly very exciting! I thought long and hard about how I'd like to celebrate my acheivement and have decided to hold a contest. The prize will be a Tapwave Zodiac 2!
Stay tuned for the contest rules and details which will be coming up soon! I'm thinking it will be something along the lines of a treasure hunt where I will ask a series of questions and you will have to find the post with the answer and put your answer in the comment for that post. You can get a nice headstart by catching up on my archives! :)
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April 24

Starring Roger Toussaint as Martin Luther King...NOT

Just when I think I cannot be more irritated by an incident here good ole Roger comes again. On a news teaser I saw today that some are comparing Roger Toussaint of the MTA strike fame to Martin Luther King of the Civil Rights movements fame. I invite all those who make that comparison to line up for a prompt reality slap. The only shame here is that Roger isn't spending more time in the slammer!
April 23

Happy Friday!

Woohoo! We made it to Friday!
This has been has been quite the hectic week and a lot has gone on:

-Yet more 'leaked' photos of the Treo 700p have surfaced.
-Tyra Banks showed her vicious side
-I went through the entire week with not one mishap on my Cingular 8125!
-Yesterday I got my excellent AA rapid chager for my Cingular 8125. Its better than the one for the Treo because its smaller and fits nicely in my bag in case of if I had been stuck in that Roosevelt tram in for 7 hours, I wouldn't have to be worried about how to charge.
- Oh yes, they got all 60 of those tram passengers safely off the tram!
-A rom update was released for the Treo 700w was a busy week!

This week I also discovered SakiMobile and I am trying to figure out if its something of interest.

Arguments for One-Handedness

Why are one-handed devices such as the Treo and Blackberry considered superior to those that aren't ? And more importantly, what is going on with the other hand? For me, the only time I need a device to be one-handed is when I'm on the subway and need my other hand to hold onto the rail...and even then there are only certain applications I need to access. I find that as long as I can read an ebook or two and catch up on my favorite RSS feeds I'm fine with it. I definitely am not an in-car user- I have an bluetooth headset which I use to answer calls but that's about it.
So when does everyone find themselves needing the other hand and for what?

April 19

Tyra Banks is an Arse!

Tonight on America's Next Top Model, Tyra Banks made arrangements to have all the contestants have dental work done. For most of the girls, this meant a laser whitening,  however Tyra decided that it was a great time to get Joanie's infamous snaggle tooth fixed. That was good, because Joanie was feeling seriously insecure about that. Out of the blue though, Tyra arranged to have Danielle's front-teeth gap fixed.
Danielle is one of the strongest competitors on this season, on the show and in her actual personality, and she was having none of that. To my utter shock and suprise in the elimination ceremony, Tyra actually berated her for the decision to not get her gap closed. "Do you think you can be a top model with a gap like that?" .. followed by a gem of wit from 'Ms Jay' "She's leaving the gap wide open for another girl to win the competition".
(Okay, sidebar right here. Any grown man whose specialty is sashaying down the sidewalk while refering to himself as Ms Jay should not be picking on post-teen girls. )
Tyra is a pretentious creep who would berate a girl for making the decision to love everything about herself. She talks about the 'evils of the industry' while she is actually one of the biggest monsters! Just because Tyra is an empty shell of an actual human being does not mean that she needs to be annoyed that someone she is meant to be 'mentoring' has some substance!

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Keep In Touch!

I've now added Gmail's Google Talk as a means of communication! Add me (lulugirl896) to your Google talk and we can chat live all about tech stuff! Make sure you make refer to LuluLand so I know where you're coming from!

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Comparison Shots

I forgot to post this when I took it a while back. Its a shot of the Treo 650, Cingular 8125 and imate K-Jam:
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Overall I'm thrilled with my choice. I hard reset my Cingular 8125 for the final time last week (I installed AE Button Plus that was meant to give my buttons multi functionality and it ended up frying my phone!) and since then it has been smooth sailing. I customized my phone by using my favorite registry tweaks, Wisbar Advance Lite, and my new black background.

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I love my Today screen and just can't get enough of it!
April 15

Fun day in NYC

Today was the perfect day to catch up with my good friend Jen who happens to live down by Chelsea in NY. Each time we plan to spend the day together something extra fun happens. Once we stumbled upon a free Whitney Houson concert at Javitts Center. Another time we managed to crash a Wyclef Jean concert at Columbia University campus.
Today was really no exception... The weather was amazing today and just made you completely forget that winter just happened the last few months. We made our way through a number of flea markets and then through a fair that was going on down past the park.
Below are some shots that I feel really capture the essence of lower Manhattan.


Street Fair at NYU/ Washington Square Park

Spending the day traversing the city has led my friend Jen and I to a wonderful street fair in Washington Square park that is spread for blocks and blocks.

April 14

The Quest for the Perfect Today Screen

The today screen on my Wizard is really the starting point for all activity Unlike my Treo where I would alternate between the Agendus screen,Zlauncher and the phone app here it is always about my Today screen. On my Wizard I have tended to gravitate towards a darker theme than I did when I had my Axim X51V... I attribute this to the Qvga looking better with white on black rather than vice versa.
My current set up is:
-Classic Black Theme- I love it because it also skins the top and bottom bar.
-SpbWeather- This has pretty much been a fixture since my first pocketpc.
-QuoteToday- a nice little app to give a new quote at intervals you pick. I missed having quotes like I did in Agendus on the Treo
-Agile Messenger -the best (free!) multi-IM application. I love that it integrates into the today screen. I tried annual fee happy Verichat and it didn't even have that feature!
-Egress- Egress is my favorite Rss reader and I recently figured out that it could scroll through the headlines right on the today screen. And if it happens that you see a headline you are interested in you can 'pause' it by pressing the pause button or tap the actual screen and egress will open to the exact article.
-SpbDiary- a nice spacesaver that basically uses a fixed amount of real estate to show the PIM information.
Also, the green bar at the top is a battery indicator from Wisbar Lite.
All together I think it looks pretty exciting. What do you think?

April 13

Spring in the Air

Once again it seems the seasons are changing so quickly it barely gives us time to adjust. In New Jersey the evidence of spring is in the beautiful Cherry Blossoms that bloom a lovely pink and white. It definitely forces one to stop and take a moment to admire its beauty.
This time last year I was 2 months away from getting married probably smoking a cigarette....which reminds me, it feels like all out riots could break out over the smoking ban in NJ. Its a bit hypocritical, but you must admit the timing couldn't be more perfect for me! Yesterday I got my QuitNet email reminding me that it had been 8 months since my last puff. Pretty amazing if I do say so myself!

April 11

My 15 Minutes with Sprint's HTC Wizard

This afternoon Al the IT guy dropped in which is always a wonderful treat..Al is the only person I actually know who is as much of a gadget addict as me. This time Al brought his Sprint PPC6700 for a brief playdate. I was pretty psyched as the only time I had come close to the device was the in-store dummy (unit, not salesperson).
I only got to fiddle around with it briefly but the first thing that struck me was the lack of dedicated Wireless Comm button. Now I know you can assign another button to it but overall you're operating with one less button!
When I first got my Wizard I was baffled by the bottom loading stylus-it was a stylus location unlike anything I'd ever seen. As time went by though I noticed that the placement of the stylus made perfect sense when you consider that, once opened to use the keyboard, the stylus is conveniently located by the right hand. In comparison, the Sprint 6700 stores its stylus in the antenna so that once opened the stylus is by the left hand. I am definitely not a fan of this layout.
I did like the jazzed up look of the Comm Manager. Somehow it looks a bit more exciting than on my 8125. From my brief tour, I am pretty happy with my choice.


Books and Cases

The last few days have found me engaging in one of my other hobbies- reading the book of a soon-to-be-released movie. In this case it was 'The Devil Wears Prada' which I found to be quite an amusing read. I actually started this hobby when the Stepford wives was about to be released 2 years ago because I wasn't entirely familiar with the entire story. I also read then watched 'Memoirs of a Geisha', 'In Her Shoes' and 'Shopgirl'. I should also add that I have read all these books on my PDA!
My Wizard (which is how I shall now refer to my Cingular 8125, as it is in fact the Cingular branded HTC Wizard) has been holding up extremely well the last few weeks. I had some ActiveSync problems which I couldn't find the source of so I did a hardreset and started from scratch. Its interesting to see how little anxiety a hard reset of my Wizard causes me compared to my prior Treo 650. I think the reason is because I had so many customizations going on there that I dreaded having to recreate it all. Now I've got a few tweaks which can be redone in a snap using Resco registry editor.
Yesterday I got my new case in the mail which I got from ebay. Its a custom fit case that's designed to allow use of the Wizard from within the case. The previous case I got required you to work a piece of plastic and velcro between the keyboard and top portion to secure it into the case. I really didn't like this especially as I use a cradle at home which meant that I had to repeat the exercise daily.
This case does not secure the keyboard portion into the case which is bot a good and bad thing. Because the Wizard just sits in the case before securing the top part the cutouts do not line up perfectly-especially the one for the stylus. However, it makes it easy to insert and remove the case.

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April 09

Trip to Turtle Back Zoo

Today was such a nice day that we felt compelled to do something outdoors. We took a trip over to West Orange and visited the Turtle Back Zoo.
Its a cute zoo with a wide variety of animals such as Golden Pheasants from China, Ostriches and miniature Ponies (pictured). They've also got some Kangaroos, Wallabies, Cougars and Bears.


April 05

No Gmail For Me?

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Unfortunately, it seems that Gmail is not willing to cooperate with my Cingular 8125! I have tried a million times to set up my account and here's what happens:

1. I log into Gmail from my desktop pc and under settings enable pop.
2. Configure my Cingular 8125 email application ( I tried both and
3. I send a test message to myself.
4. I hit send/receive on my device.
5. I get the test message on my device.
6. A few minutes later I try again. This time my previously retrieved email is deleted from my device and no new mail is retrieved!

I finally have gotten so frustrated that I have just left out my gmail accounts altogether, which is certainly not ideal as one is my ebay buying and selling account.

Any ideas?

Cingular 8125 Tweaks, Helpful Hints

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Here are some useful places to go if you have a Cingular 8125:
-You can check out this site to find some very useful registry tweaks.
-PDA Phone home has a forum dedicated to our device.
-Here is a link to a nice PDA-Formatted website where you can grab some streaming video.
April 04

Technorati Tag

Don't be alarmed! This is only a test. Had this been an actual Technorati tag... wait, it is!

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Week 2 with my Cingular 8125

Well the last few days I have committed to using only my 8125 and I have not been disappointed. The battery life is exceptional and I am quite comfortable with it. Yesterday I finally got a case which is a good thing because this thing feels like it could slip right out of my hands if I'm not careful!
I now know I can't and won't live without Wifi. The only thing that is subpar as far as I'm concerned is the camera (picture below taken with it this Sunday), but I've never been an avid shutterbug anyway.
I never did solve the mystery of the abbreviated emails but, as you can see from my recent posts, I've kept them relatively short to avoid the cut off
The music player works fine except for one thing that troubles me a bit- on my Treo I was able to set the device to silent and still listen to music via headphones. On this I must use the device volume to set the max volume of the music. Which means that if I forget to lower the volume after removing the headphones the next time I start up a game it blares...very embarrasing on the train!

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