Wednesday, June 1, 2005

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June 20

So excited I could spit!

So if I can just get though the next 5 days, I will be on my way to Jamaica to get married!!!! Of course, every single meeting under the sun is scheduled this week, and I have a ton of things to complete before I head off.
I've just decided to have my head nurse do a major inventory of all our supplies. Seriously, the ordering of supplies is out of control now. And why is it that it appears that deliveries are coming just about every day now??? Let's see how this project goes.

June 17

Only 7 Days left!

Ever notice how every weekday eventually becomes a clone of all others.
Some mornings I wake up and have such a heavy feeling of deja-vu, I feel
like getting back into bed and skipping the re-run.
Well, I am officially starting the countdown till next Saturday when we
leave. 7 days left!

Anyway, here's a little humor from bbspot to brighten the day. I get bbspot
from Avantgo...but I'm sure their website is probably (I'm
on the subway, or I'd check!)...

Yo Momma Insults for Sci-Fi

11.Yo momma's so fat, she fills more than three dimensions.
10.Yo momma's so ugly, even the Borg wouldn't assimilate her.
9.Yo momma's so fat, she needs two escape pods to leave the ship.
8.Yo momma's so fat, she turned ringworld into ellipseworld.
7.Yo momma's so ugly, she makes robots rethink the first law.
6.Yo momma's so fat, she gets stuck in wormholes.
5.Yo momma's so dumb she thinks the answer to the life, the universe and
everythingis 41.
4.Yo momma's so stupid, even meesa's thinkin' she dumb.
3.Yo mamma's so fat the Hutt women hang out with her to look thin.
2.Yo mamma's so stupid she can't calculate the trajectory for the jump to
1.Yo momma's so dumb, she thinks Area 51 is an 80s rockband.

June 14

Been extremely busy lately!

I haven't posted in a while, mainly because things have been ridiculously
hectic the last few days.
We spent the weekend shopping for the trip, after which I decided a very
thorough housecleaning was in order because next weekend I shall be getting
my hair and nails done, and the following weekend we leave!
I've been thinking a lot lately about what marriage means, and how our life
will change after it. The only thing that continues to reverbrate in my
mind is that this is the man I will be spending the rest of my life with...
And you know what, I'm okay with that!
I've never been to Jamaica before so I am really quite excited at the
prospect. I now find myself grinning from ear to ear whenever those "Come
to Jamaica and feel all right" commercials come on! Is that normal?
The only question left is to take Treo, or not to take Treo...hmm...
Well, here's my stop! More dish later... Especially about a certain
"situation" at work...
June 08

WTF Moments

On the news yesterday I heard a story about a stowaway from Senegal who
boarded the wheel cavity of a plane on the way to NY. Well, long story
short, his mangled body parts were strewn from the plane and landed in
someone's backyard. It certainly a tragedy for the man and his family, but
there are just some questions that remain unanswered...
So when this man told his friends and family that he had this plan, do you
mean no one had the sense to say "Hmm, seems like you might want to
re-think this plan...".
And how on earth did he get onto the tarmac without anyone noticing?
And at what point exactly did he die (pressure at take off, unbreathable
air at high altitude, frigid cold?)
Its just such a terrible thing, but I get mad when things like this happen
because people fail to use common sense.
June 07

Stinky Summer Subway

               Image hosted by 
What is it about the subway that encourages people to forgo deodorant?
Yesterday's heat was just a cattle call for NY's stinkiest to board the
And for goodness' sakes, keep your arms down

Image hosted by
June 06

Back To Normal (well,almost)

Did you ever have one of those serial illnesses? You know, it starts as a
sore throat, turns into a cough, throw in some fever and a bit of
conjunctivitis...well, that's what I've been going through. And I've been
taking it like a trooper because I just need to make sure that I am well
for my wedding.
After much debate, my fiancee and I decided to have a nice quiet wedding in
Jamaica and then a low-key reception luncheon next month. I am really happy
with this plan, as all of my family is scattered across the globe. I just
felt like it was such an obligation to make them come to the States for a
one day event. And, of course, that would mean that in addition to
everything else, I'd have to arrange accomodation for them.
So with this plan, I get to remain stress-free and my biggest concern is
where to get shoes the same hue as my wedding dress. Any suggestions?

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