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The Notable People of 2005 That Miu von Furstenberg Would Love To  Slap.
Where to begin this year?

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Tom Cruise . My perception of Tom Cruise and couches (I am no longer able to nap on a couch) has been totally altered since he went off his meds vitamins on Oprah . I'm sure by the end of 2006 he will have healed the world with his bare hands. Am I being too glib?

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Katie Holmes . How did a "good Catholic girl" end up becoming a Scientologist-Tom Cruise Spawn Carrying-A Lister overnight? Butt loads of cash.

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Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey . What did the world get out of the separation and future divorce? Fish lips. No thanks.

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Paris Hilton / Paris Latsis / Stavros Nirachos / Mary-Kate Olsen . Go away.
All of you.

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Michael Jackson . He was acquitted and moved to the Middle East, but the wearing the pajamas to court wardrobe, is still etched in our brains.

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Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown . Hell to the yes.

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Kenny Chesney . Just come out and play with the big boys.

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Michael Brown . Katrina . Katrina. Michael Brown. The bitch one.


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Star Jones and Al Reynolds . I'm glad someone with such a self-inflated ego has finally found someone worthy of her love. She hates the gays, but married one? I just don't get it.

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Lindsay Lohan . Boobs. No boobs. Skinny. Not so skinny. Drunk. Not drunk.
Pick one and stay with it.

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Judith Miller . Unfortunately they forgot to throw away the key when she was thrown in jail.
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Russell Crowe . If only that one toss of a phone had actually got him barred from working in the U.S., I wouldn't have to slap him.
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Sienna Miller . I implore you to hire a new stylist, and a life coach.
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Corey Clark . Just one sad individual.

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Dennis Rodman . Why oh why did you have to appear in drag at a Chicago book signing. (This one is for me.)
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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner - only for their Starbucks consumption.


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Britney Spears and Kevin Federline . Just when we thought Brit was finally going to dump her baby's daddy and poor excuse for a human being husband, she doesn't follow through. The world is saddened by this.

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Eva Longoria . Some air needs to be let out of this one before she explodes.

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Nicole Richie . Eeeeeeeaaaaaat! I'd slap her just hard enough so those horrendous sunglasses would fly off of her head.

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Anna Nicole Smith . She's thin again, but still as vapid as ever.
Honorable mention (Not worthy of a full BS) - Jennifer Aniston & Vince Vaughn (Eww),
Those whose antics made up giddy with delight throughout the year: Tara Reid, Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie (and children), Anderson Cooper, Janet Jackson, Ryan Phillippe, Peter Braunstein , and the gays of Project Runway .
December 23

Royal Tennenbottoms

Courtesy of Gizmodo:

Royal Tennenbottoms

Are you a toilet poweruser? Do you eat chili twice a day just to get your
scat on? Then maybe this toilet seat will appeal to you. Newcomer Brondell
has created a $549 toilet seat with shitloads (teehee) of features. Heated
seat, washing mechanism to clean your rear, warm-air dry, and remote
control are some of the nicer ones. Don't have that kind of cash laying
around? You can still warm your ass for the modest price of $429, but I say
you go DIY and duct tape a bunch of heating pads to your K- Mart brand
seat. Sure it'll get messy, but you'll still have some dough in your

December 21

MTA Transit Strike

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Today's Peeve:
The TWU strike!
As someone who works in the medical field, I cannot begin to fully express my disgust with those on strike right now. Patients are unable to make it to the hospital to receive much needed, critical treatment except to bear the extreme cold weather which will make them even sicker. Meanwhile, on TV a transit worker tells me that he is striking for a dollar raise on his $33 per hour pay. They are striking, not because they have not received their pay, but because they want an increase. Don't we all? Can you imagine if all healthcare professionals went on strike to protest the unfair reimbursement rates of the insurance companies?
Unfortunately, Roger Toussaint:
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will be known not as the union leader who got the workers what they wanted, but as the man who caused mayhem in the city of New York:

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Here's some food for thought; in the last 10 years, just about every major mishap that has occured especially in New York has been (for the most part) unavoidable- the blackout in 2003, the terrorist attacks, the hurricanes and floods, etc. This is the first major event that could completely have been avoided, if even for the compassion that everyone in NYC would probably not mind a little money in their pocket- but this strike is actually causing people who make less money than the transit workers to lose wages.
December 19

"Die Hiltons"

According to this German magazine, I am not the only one with these

En Garde!

Here's a gem from it just me that can't stop laughing every
time I read this?

En Garde! The Safe Bedside Table

Let's get all hypothetical for a second. Pretend you're sleeping at home
and some dude breaks in and is going to rob you/kill you. How will you
defend yourself quickly? Enter the Safe Bedside Table, a genius creation
from designer James McAdam. What looks like a simple, basic table at first,
quickly becomes a shield and sword ready for your defense. We're talking
King Arthur style though, because you'll be greeted with a medieval-style
shield and wooden club to ward off attackers. No sharp swords or maces
here. Remember to call 911 also before you start screaming things like
"Have at you, blackguard!" The whole thing is made of cherry and steel so
it won't look hideous either.

Product Page


December 16

Accept (No) Substitutions!

Once you begin to approach a state of total Zen with your Treo, you begin to look for ways to trim the fat and get rid of applications you really
don't use while looking deeper at the ones you do. Yesterday I shared my glee at QuickNews now supporting images. For me, images in splendid vivid colors are part of the most important features an application can offer me ( the others being wireless capability, desktop component, one-handed navigation and size). Seeing what a difference that made to QuickNews made me re-evaluate some of my other choices.

                              PocketTV Browser

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Before PTVB I was an avid user of SecondScreenTV. SSTV is free and quite easy to use. However I could not get past the huge advertisements that occupied the bottom half of the screen. In addition, SSTV would only give 3 days worth of data no matter what I tried.
PTVB gives me several functions and options that I love but the one that I
enjoy the most is the ability to add program reminders to my calendar. As a person who lives on Tivo, I can grab my Treo and use the find feature to locate any occurence of the word channel. This pulls up all the entries in
my datebook that have been placed by PTVB.
In addition, everything is wiki-based. I can tap on the name of an actor in
one movie and the system will scour its database and return a list of every
movie or show he/she is featured in.


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This is my latest acquisition and I am really quite pleased with it,
especially as it is freeware. ST was an old PQA (Palm Query Application)
that has been around since 2001. Of all the now-defunct PQAs, someone had a brilliant idea to revive this and modify it for use on OS5.
The most complex part of Showtimes is gathering all the current files to
allow you to run the script. If this all sounds like Greek to you, don't
worry... In the next few days I plan to write up a step by step wiki to
help even the least computer savvy figure it out.
The resulting data is an extremely organized listing of movies, theatres
and synopsis that allow for quick and easy reading. And although no 5way nav compatible, its still easy enough that one could use even a beefy
finger to acheive results :).


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Another great sleeper that I had neglected because I was using Leonard
Maltin's Movie Guide. Well some financial wizard over at LMMG decided to
tack on a charge to upgrade to the 2006 guide. I cannot fathom spending $10
a year for Leonards app so I took a closer look at VideoHound.
I am probably not the only person who failed to realize that you can attach
your own jpgs to the movie descriptions for a completely rich experience.
In addition to doing this for a couple of movies, I also invested in a
couple of the pix packs that they offer on their website.
In addition to images, VideoHound also has a number of sound files that
attach to each movie. So in the description for 'Scarface' I can opt to
hear him say the infamous line "Say hello to my leetle friend!".

I have been though Vindigo and Handmark Express but these options are much

Express Movies (19.99/year) = Showtimes (free)

Express News = QuickNews (1 time pmt)

SecondScreenTV(free) = Pocket TV Browser (using free XMTV listings you only pay 1 time for the app-well worth the charge)

Leonard Maltin Movie Guide (yearly upgrade fee) = VideoHound (1 time fee)

Express Maps & 411 ($29.99/year) = Directory Assistant (free)

Express Weather ($19.99/year)= 4cast ($9.95 1 time fee)

Express Stocks ($29.99/year) = Stockbroker Standard ($19.95 1 time fee)

December 15

Hurray for Quick News!

A number of weeks ago I wrote about my favorite RSS reader Quicknews...and I'm thrilled to say that Quicknews now supports inline images! Combined with its support for large feeds, in my opinion Quicknews is now an excellent replacement for AvantGo, Handmark Express News and Isilo...provided you find the right feed.

Below is a screenshot of QuickNews as it displays the feed for TVGasm. It
took me about 2 hours of experimenting to come up with a collection of
feeds that give the 'full story' and not just a teaser to lure you to their
site, as well as those that actually provide images in their feeds. Some of
my favorites are: Defamer, TVGasm, A Socialite's Life, The Gadgeteer and
PDA Today.

                 Image hosted by 
Here are some helpful pointers that I used when setting up QuickNews:

1. Be sure to mark the option to store feeds and cache on your memory card.
2. Once you have selected that option, raise your cache limit to about
10MB. At first I was worried about this but I realized that the QuickNews
cache is totally different from my Treo's regular dbcache.
3. Set your auto updates for when you aren't going to need your Treo for at least 15 minutes. Mine is set for 5am.

December 14

Take That, Santa!

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December 13

Overheard in NY excerpt...

Overheard in NY
New York Does Not Do Hyphenation, Douche

Guy: I'm a NyLon.
Girl: A what?
Guy: A NyLon. New York-Londoner. Girl: Oh, well, I'm a NoInt.
Guy: NoInt?
Girl: Yeah, Not Interested.

--Union Square

Overheard by: Lucy Stone

Treo Perfection Update!

Its been over 8 months since I shared the secret of my Treo success. Here's an update on what I've changed in my setup. My current free space is 36% (8MB):

                            Image hosted by

                                  Image hosted by


1. Upgraded to 1.23 1.43and made a Custom ROM to include Agendus 10, Snappermail, Filez, Handzipper and Hi-Launcher. Less items in the custom ROM gives you more ‘processor’ memory.

2. Installed Launcher X, using the nav-button fix posted in another section of this forum.

Now use ZLauncher

3. Used LauncherX to move SmartList, SplashID, iSilo,SplashMoney and Healthfile (leaving a 'shortcut' in main memory) to allow them to sync to their desktop components.

Have these now in main memory

4. Have the following apps installed in Main Memory:

-Vindigo (edit: now deleted) Still Deleted

-AvantGo (I still use this in case I don't have a chance to convert on iSilo) Now deleted
-BackUpBuddy Pro Now use BackupMan
-Card Export (any time I use an external card reader, my data seems to get corrupt when I   put the card back into my Treo)
-Dataviz Tech (to move Doc to Go components to SD Card)
-Fonts4OS5 (with Times Roman 22 font)
-Directory Assistant
-Documents to Go
-KeyCaps 600
-Leonard Maltin Movie Guide

-Power-Up Use radioState instead
-SplashPhoto Use GrxView Pro- smaller footprint, uses native folders
-TCPMP (the new freeware Movie Player) moved to card with powerRun
-Uninstall Manager
-Verichat Use Chatopus instead

-2Action Meeting 3
- Bonsai
-Idea Pad
-PocketTV Browser

5. I have the following apps on my 2GB SD card using PowerRun:

-3D Hockey
-Abidia Wireless
-Acid Solitaire
-Acid Spider
-Bejeweled 2
-Big Two
-Book Worm
-Bowling Deluxe
-Emperor's Mahjong
-Exact II
-Fish Tycoon
-Flight Status
-Futile Feudal
-GTS Racing
-Hold em High
-Idea Pad
-InHand (Handango Catolog)
-JT Wheel of Fortune
-Lemondae Tycoon
-Little Palm Pet
-Love Game
-MMPlayer (I still keep it, even though I use TCPMP)
-Mars Needs Cows
-Mobile DB (for the 'On-the-Fly' db lookup function)
-Monte Carlo
-NoviiAnimator (I tend to also use this for regular sketches/notes)
-Pac Dude 100
-Plant Tycoon
-Poker Game
-Rats & Spears
-RB Tapper
-Sea War MP
-Seven Seas
-Siberian Strike
-Space Trader
-Splash Blog
-Teal Auto
-Tennis Addict
-Tetri Attack
-Tip Assist
-Travel Deluxe
-Visit it
-Volley Balley
-Warfare Incorporated
-Woman PLus
(edit:All apps above listed at PalmGear)
All games now moved to Palm/Launcher folder to save shortcut space. Cut down games to 75 now!

6. I have the following installed directly to my SD Card using the /Launcher folder:

-3V Broomsticks
-Nexus Dictionary
-Navigator Deluxe
December 12

Breast Transportation

I can only imagine what Scar-J must have gone through in this dress.                                   Image hosted by

 But I am extremely sympathetic to the fact that she wanted to avoid looking like the next chick. She was the one in 'My Girl' with Macaulay.

                       Image hosted by

Ladies, somewhere between these two is the proper way to transport your
breasts.... Please.

December 08

Crackhead Alert

All the time I used to watch the Chappelle Show, I thought his crackhead
character was just an exaggeration...until just today.
I got onto the train and was immediately accosted by what can only be
described as an odor so horrific that it threatens to relieve me of every
meal I've ever had since childhood. At first I thought it was coming from
the homeless man who was sprawled out across 3 seats, asleep. But after
sitting for a while I realized that I would die if I had to endure that
smell any longer. I had moved towards the door, planning to switch cars
when I suddenly noticed that much to my shock and horror the smell was
actually getting worse! A quick visual scan of the area revealed a
character that was an exact match to the Chappelle show character- right
down to the 'powdered donut' ring around his nose and mouth.
Who sees this and decides "Yeah, this dude is who I most want to resemble!
                                                                 Image hosted by
                                       Pass the crack pipe!"
December 05

Den Remodeling

Ever since we moved into our new home some 5 months ago it has bothered me that we never did up our den. When we first moved in we got a futon from K-mart and put a tv in there but that has pretty much been it. In the days when I was smoking the den became my unofficial smoking room.
Then over the summer we had my family over and this was the room we made up for my mother.And then...nothing. Every now and then I'd hang out in there while folding laundry, or Dean would watch a football game as he worked in the garage but that was the extent of it.
When the holiday season rolled around and we went to get our decorations we ended up with one extra huge bow which I decided to affix to the curtain in the den. Suddenly seeing that bright red in the room made me realize that it was a lack of color that had made the room so drab.
So, off to Target we went where I decided I would make the den a cozy room to hang out in, rather than just a perpetually closed door. At Target I decided to go for a ruby-red color in the room. We picked out a twin
bedsheet set for about $8, a set of tab curtains for about $14 and a throw
pillow and matching throw.The dorm-room grey futon is now a lively red (wrapped in the sheet set) and the rug on the floor ($149) really brings it all together. This is an excellent way to decorate a room which is not really part of the central focus of the house.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Archives-November 2005

My Christmas Wish List

                                                              Image hosted by
This year I think I have been extremely good! And all I want (as usual!) is Treo related stuff. My dream items would be:
Image hosted by

A Wi-Fi Adapter:
Completely frivolous, but I love it.
Image hosted by

An FM Transmitter that works anywhere:
(I guess I'm not really sure about the difference between this and the car transmitter?)

Image hosted by

I am absolutely drooling over the to-be-released inMotion docking station:

Image hosted by

 And of course, a different outfit for my Treo ( who now always sports its Vaja case!):

Image hosted by

Or maybe just a gift certificate for PalmGear for me to splurge later on software! :)

Image hosted by

November 23

Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all!

Well, its that wonderful time of year again. You know, when we stuff our
faces until we're ill and then continue to pick at turkey carcasses until
Christmas. We'll be at my mother-in-laws tomorrow; she bought a new house
and I haven't had a chance to see it yet.
Is it just me or is Hallmark trying to make Thanksgiving one of theirs too?
I've seen more Thanksgiving cards than Birthday cards the last few weeks.
Tomorrow, apart from being Thanksgiving, is also my husband's birthday. I
like to have 2 traditions for birthdays- a suprise, and something we
really want. This year he really wants a guitar so this weekend we'll be
picking that out. I really hope he sounds decent because I can't imagine
having to listen if its terrible! He's a quick study, though, so he'll pick
it up in no time. Last year I threw him a suprise party... This year I'm
going to get him a cake and take it to him and his bowling buddies down at
the alley-thats the suprise. I like having it this way because you know you
get something you really want (I got a brand new computer for my birthday)
and something totally unexpected (mind your business! Lol!)
Well I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow and remember to leave
enough room to tuck your shirt back in!

November 21

Xiino- I've been waiting for a browser like you to come into my Treo...

Increasingly over the past couple of weeks I've been experiencing horrible
problems with Blazer, the Treo's stock browser. Apart from being
ridiculously slow (an irritation further highlighted by its name), more
often than not I would encounter a system reset while entering or leaving
the web.
This lead me to avoid using my Treo to surf the internet altogether-a
shame, since that used to be one of my favorite passtimes. I relied on
clipper applications such as Avantgo and Isilo to either transfer the
information to me during hotsync or a long and arduous wireless sync.
Last week it dawned on me that the issues I was experiencing in Blazer
might not plague me in a different browser app. After all, all the other
wireless features on my Treo were operating without incident. I pored
through reviews and write-ups and finally decided to try Xiino. Again.
You see, the problem with Xiino is that the interface is so barebones that
if you don't pay close attention, you won't realize all that it can do for
you. I had tried Xiino in the past, but was initially so underimpressed
that it did not take long for me to move it to my memory card and
eventually off my Treo altogether. Well this time I decided that (mainly
out of desperation) I would hang in there and make it work for me.
First of all, Xiino is fast. I'm not sure but I think Xiino is Xhosa for
warp speed. (Actually, it definitely is not!) In addition to being fast
its also smart; all the pages you download can be stored on the memory
card. The benefit of this is that your browser can actually double as your
offline clipper/viewer. Xiino also saves time by loading its saved cache
whenever a page is requested.
If you have a Treo (or any other wireless capable palm) I recommend you try
Xiino from Tell them I sent you. won't do you any good, but tell them anyway.



Oops, I did it again!

Image hosted by

Just had another article published over at Everything Treo!
November 17

Name Change

Yesterday marked a very significant event in our lives. We both took the
day off from work to go and officially get my name changed on my major
documents. I now have my Driver's license and (in 2 weeks I'll have ) my
Social Security card in my married name.
This is a huge deal for me as it means that I am actually accepting the new
identity that marrying this man has given me. (Did I just refer to my
husband as 'this man'?!??!) It means that I am declaring myself as a whole
other person from the Single in the City gal with the fabulous single
apartment who danced the night away at Centro Fly, Sound Factory and
occasionally at Ohm. The girl who would never wake up on Sunday before 2pm,
and smoked elegant Capri menthols. I'll miss her a bit.
Born is the fabulous woman who has a wonderful career, comes home and keeps
an imaculate home for her family. The woman who would rather spend Saturday
night out at family dinner and home in time to watch 'America's Most
Wanted'. It might not seem that way, but to me I definitely traded up. :)

Daylight Savings Time

What are we really saving this for? I propose that we do away with turning
the clock back. What does this really accomplish except to make it dark and
dreary by 5pm? And, no, don't give me that astro-hybeejeebee crap; what is
the benefit to the average Joan?
November 15

Paris finally meets her match

Someone who loves the spotlight more than Paris Hilton and is willing to
bitch-slap her to get it.
I heard this morning that P-Hi had been attacked by her monkey. I didn't
even know she had a monkey. Then all kinds of crazy things went through my
mind...remember the South Park episode when all her pets committed suicide?
And how the heck would a pet monkey attack you? Were they both preening in
the mirror and the monkey didn't like that she was taking up most of the
space? Did she hook up with the monkey's Greek boyfriend? The possibilities
boggle the mind! But I, for one, think this is great news. Even if not
delivered by humankind, there is still justice in the world!

November 13

Derailed...Deja Vu?

                               Image hosted by

We just came back from seeing Derailed. Pretty decent movie, except that I already saw "Birthday Girl" and it was entirely too much deja vu to see Vincent Cassel in the same role in the same movie. It was kind of like when I saw "Open Your Eyes" and then later saw "Vanilla Sky" after.
RZA played his role extremely role, and ended up being the character that we sympathized with the most ...well, almost.
I don't want to ruin it for anyone else, but I will make the following observations:

1. Clive Owens is hot
2. Vincent Cassel is so creepy
3. Xhibit should really stick to pimping rides on MTV.
4. Why do people in the movies always have to do their own investigative work?
5. Popcorn is really expensive in the movie theatres!

November 10

Nip/Tuck just keeps getting better!

So here's where we are so far with Nip/Tuck:

                    Image hosted by

Julia has now opened DeLa Mere and is selling that secret semen cream as their 'signature product'. You just know there's a whole bunch of drama
a-brewing once everyone finds out the secret ingredient! This week Julia
accepted a date with the hot latin guy (I always forget his name) and, what a coincidence, they had an opportunity to break into a hot Tango number on the dance floor. Where exactly do these people go for dinner? I have a serious bone to pick with my husband because no restaurant we ever go to plays the Tango and then clears the dance floor so we can do an elaborate dance while looking lustfully into each other's eyes. Nope- all I get is a meal.

Sean is now all wrapped up in being a plastic surgeon for the witness
protection program. He falls in love with his first client and whisks her
and her son back to his home. Sean ticks me off because he is always the
'good guy' and his apathy just makes it seem like he's just a victim.
This week the plot surrounding him was so silly and impossible I can't even bother to repeat it. Get a Tivo. Whatever.

Image hosted by

Ever since he got arrested and was suspected of being the Carver, Christian has been going through a weird mid-life crisis. He proposed to Kendra although we all know that she used to be a porn star. And by the way, what the heck does she do these days besides rub Christian's stressed shoulders?
Honestly, she is as unemployed as those Desperate Housewives.
Christian's long lost mother popped in to visit him while he was in jail to
let him know that he had been conceived during a vicious rape. Needless to say, she's decided to keep her distance from Christian....just in case, you know.

Costa (aha! That's his name)
                                            Image hosted by
This guy is just smoking hot. He's 'out' as bi, but the kind of bi that just makes you want to go for it. He's bad to the bone, and almost a bit reminiscent of how Christian was back in the day. We don't get to see a lot of his life outside of the practice, which may add to his allure.
I'd like to see him get more action...not like that, get your head out of the gutter.The relationship now that Sean has left seems like the way it was in the beginning... good surgeon, bad surgeon. Whatever. Get that Tivo.

Treo Revitalization (A.k.a Flashing My ROM)

Well folks, I did it again. I flashed the ROM on my Treo and customized it.
For those of you not familiar, this is the delicate process of updating
your Treo's software and putting applications in the ROM (hard memory) to save precious space. Last time I did this back in May I put the following
applications in ROM:

-Agendus 9.04

The main reason I did this was because I just fell in love with Agendus 10
( I learned (the hard way!) that if an application resides
in the ROM you cannot simply add the updated program to your Treo. I tried to use Agendus 10 while Agendus 9 was in the ROM and it just created a huge mess.

So I went on over to Shadowmite's site again ( and refreshed myself on the latest ROM happenings. For anyone who is going to attempt this, read up on it first! This process is extremely delicate and
if not done correctly could turn your $500 Treo into a paperweight.

                              Image hosted by

This time I added the following to my Custom ROM:
-1 ZLauncher theme
-Agendus 10
-Hi Launcher

I updated my phone to software version 1.43/1.14. This version is a huge
improvement as it handles the slow DTFM tones. This is the annoying lag
that occured when you had to dial a number or key in a response during a phone call.
Another nice feature in this version is that when you miss a call you are
presented with the option to either call back the caller or send an sms.
How brilliant is that!

The only thing that made the process slightly tedious was that my 2 GB SD card somehow got mangled and I had to reformat it, which completely wipes it out. Try putting 2GB worth of songs, movies and applications on your card... Not fun!

But now everything is pretty much back to normal. I am operating with 7.5MB of free memory, and every program that needs to sync with a desktop component (DocumentsToGo, SmartListToGo, Daynotez, Bonsai, Woman,MySportTraining, TurboPassword, 2ActionMeeting) along with a few of my frequently accessed apps (pTunes, iSilo, QuickNews, WinHand, Wi-File, Slap) can stay happily in the main memory while everything else stays on the card.

Its a good thing. :)

November 07

Today's Subway Peeve

             Image hosted by
The Risk Taker

Just getting onto the train is risky enough, why is there a need to incur a
higher adrenaline rush with stupid acts. Within Risk Taking there are
several sub-categories:

The Precarious Leaner
This is the moron who chooses to check whether the train is coming by
stepping on, or over, the yellow safety mark and lean onto the tracks. This practice is so dangerous and it annoys me to no end. I mean, must one
almost fall onto the tracks just to see the train's arrival status? And must our commute be jeopardized because of the inevitable delay that will
be caused by trying to remove said moron from the tracks when they fall

The Car SwitcherMy theory is: get onto the train, sit down and shut up. For the most part
it seems like the same credo everyone lives by. But every so often there is
the idiot who finds the need to open the door and traverse into the next
car. Why? Suprisingly, the cars are all identical so there is really no need to jeopardize the commute by being silly.

                        Image hosted by

My Fair Brady

Pretty embarrassed to admit that yesterday evening I got sucked into the marathon of 'My Fair Brady'. And the conclusion we reached (yeah, I got him hooked, too) is that hot or not, Adrienne Curry is the most annoying woman on the planet. Not to mention desperate. My goodness, how many times did she have beg him to propose? And every single conversation was either about sex, or the lead-in to a tearful boo-hoo about how he wouldn't propose.
Chris Knight is also the most spineless wimp I've ever witnessed. I'm sure even Florence Henderson was disgusted watching the show...if she even bothered.
                                Image hosted by
November 06

Spring in Fall?

What a beautiful day today is! Its about 60 degrees and feels like a spring
or summer day.

Today we found an Art Sale and made our first major art purchase. Its a
haunting piece by B.Duggan of a canyon and cacti.

 Image hosted by

I hope you're spending the day outdoors...its too nice to miss.

November 04

P.C. Commercials

Did anyone else notice that Secret deodorant changed their slogan from:

"Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman."


"Strong enough for a woman."

Are we really that sensitive these days that even our B.O. must be
comparable to a man's? Ladies, some battles don't need to be fought!

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November 03

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It's Official- I'm a Writer!

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      The good folks over at Everything Treo have seen fit to ask me to be a review writer for them!  And here is a peek at my first review!
Writing and Treo. Finally together.
It's a good thing.
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Today's Subway Peeve:

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The Space-SaverThis is one peeve that really ticks me off. We're all squeezed in and,
like the Mad Hatter's Teatable, there's tons of space on the other end that
isn't being used.

This morning SS and I sat down in 2 empty seats. Except she squeezed right up next to me, forcing me to give her a dirty look. I looked pointedly at the empty space next to her and finally asked her if she could move over a bit. And she had the nerve to look annoyed! What I really wanted to know was who was she expecting that she was saving space for?

I mean, I know I supposedly have a magnetic personality, but that should
not be taken literally.

November 02

The Many (Disturbing) Looks of Kelly Osbourne

Thanks Gallery of the Absurd for this Halloween collection of  Kelly.
Halloween Kelly
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       Pseudo-Glam Kelly

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Punk-Rocker Kelly
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"Who,Me?" Kelly

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Platinum Kelly
(Hair, Not Album)

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What the Heck is a Gaucho?

I was completely prepared to let this one slide quietly, but it seems like
this needs to be addressed. First I heard Puffy refer to one of the 'Making
the Band 3' hopefuls as "the girl in the gauchos". Then I saw huge posters
at New York& Company the other weekend advertising gauchos.
Being a relatively fashion forward gal I went to a sales associate and
asked for a pair. Imagine my shock and suprise when she brought me a pair
of cullottes. Cullottes? Those went out with leg warmers!
I have really had it with the vicious fashion cycle we are stuck in. One
celeb finds a leftover pair of cullottes in her closet, gives them a new
name and suddenly it becomes a hot 'new' trend. What's going on? Calling an
old thing by a new name does not make it new! Take a stand against gauchos!
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November 01

The Best Application You Never Heard Of

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I thought I had finally lost my mind yesterday when I logged on to the
Dataviz website. That's the good folks who put Word, Excel and Powerpoint
files on nearly all Palm handhelds. They have "created" a "new" application
called Snaplist. But unless I'm in a Treodaze, this is simply a rehash of Snaplist is about $20 a year to host your lists
while '...Milk' is and always has been free.
The concept behind both is to create a mobile website that will allow you
to create lists and then pull them up from any computer or handheld device.
Ideally you would create your master shopping list and then your entire
family, in different stores, could purchase items and check them off the
master list.
There are tons of creative ways these lists could be used; scavenger hunts,
class assignment report topics, dating websites...and that's just off the
top of my head.
In a world where the Treo 650 only has 22MB of memory, every KB is
precious. Software developers are now starting to be more savvy in the way
they work around that. What the Treo lacks in available memory, it makes up
for in wireless connectivity- so more and more developers are creating
applications reminiscent of the old 'PQA' (Palm Query Applications) which
enable the user to have a form which would need to be completed and the
next hotsync would retrieve the data via the web. A program like iNoah, the
wireless dictionary is a perfect example of such a revised notion. Avvenu
is another, which gives the user mobile access via a standard browser to
files residing on any configured pc. Because these apps do not store any
data on the Treo itself (except when files downloaded by request)
they use up little or no space on the handheld. The only downside, of
course, is that these apps are generally unusuable if you do not have a
wireless connection available.
Try out and report back on all the innovative
ways you can come up with to use it.